Chunghop EK-3399E Battery Free 5000 in 1 Universal Remote For Air Conditioners


EK-3399E is a universal air conditioner remote control that converts light energy into electric power. It has a built-in storage capacitor and does not need to use traditional dry batteries. Users only need to put the remote control next to the window or balcony at home to absorb the light. Absorbing the sunlight for 3 to 4 hours can generate sufficient energy to allow the use of remote control for 3 months or more. (Note: It is not recommended to expose the remote control under strong sunlight for a long time.)

  • Backlight LCD Screen
  • Ultra Wide Angle
  • Brand button pairing
  • Permanent memory
  • Timer
  • Big button design
  • Wide Compatibility – 5000 Codes in 1

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